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Medical Abortion Medical Abortion is a safe, pain free and effective way to end an early pregnancy by using medicine. The combination of the two medicines will cause you to bleed and in most cases end the pregnancy at home. What is the medical abortion? The medical abortion is a way to end pregnancy without using instruments or surgery. It's done with medicine from one week - 26 weeks. Why...

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Abortion Pills In Pretoria. 0736663170 Dr Eric's Abortion Clinics In Pretoria !! Abortion Pills In Pretoria. [ +27736663170 ] Calls  & What's App Dr. Eric !! ABORTION PILLS IN PRETORIA. Abortion Pills In Pretoria. We Specialize In Medical Abortions Using Clinically Approved Abortion Pills To Terminate The Pregnancy Same Day And Pain Free Without Any Complications, Our Services Are Carried Out By Qualified Medical Practitioner Who Ensure That All Procedures...

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How safe is abortion? Very safe. Our doctors have years of experience specializing in abortion care. It's unusual to have even minor problems. When can I go back to work? Most women return to their usual activities the next day. You will need to avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting for 2 weeks. How do I know whether to choose a surgical abortion or another abortion? This...

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